Virtual love and security

Some site visitors are introduced exclusively for the purpose of virtual communication, which includes frequent and virtual sex. Usually such people in the questionnaire do not indicate the real name, but only a nickname. Nice chat with them, they are very talkative, but to get them to the real meeting is almost impossible. There are dating sites (also as the gay chat sites), and those who want to have fun. They usually present themselves as a person of the opposite sex, social status or age. Calculate them very uneasy. Very often, the truth is revealed only at the meeting. The only possible way to check is to require multiple photos in different situations. Always be alert a complete lack of photos. And most likely occur is not known to anyone not want no self-respecting woman.

Secure Virtual Me

On the one hand we have virtual dating safety. From normal, they differ in that there is always an opportunity before the meeting to learn about the person as much as possible what he is doing, and wondered what purpose pursues dating - and that may be your goals are so different that it is not necessary and meet. On dating sites to communicate through the internal messaging system and thus often do not indicate their contact details. Thus, in the case of unwillingness to meet, people will not find you in real life.

A few words about protection and risks

However, the Internet creates the illusion of security. On chat with girls no need to produce documents to register. This means that they can hide any people. Many online and mentally ill people need to fear. There are also financial speculators. We cannot relax; otherwise we can become a victim of a maniac or a swindler. To protect yourself, you need to follow a few simple tips. First of all, is no confidence in the person, you should not call him his real name as well as your address, e-mail addresses, personal website and phone number. Pay particular attention to the conversation of your interlocutor does not change whether the facts in the story of the person with whom you communicate. This will help to calculate the deception. If you are firmly decided on a date, exchanged phone numbers and talked with this person, it will give the opportunity to hear his voice, and how and what he says. And be sure to ask for a picture. Is found only in a crowded safe place to come and go from the first date on your own.



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