Getting rid of self-doubt: the instructions for the timid

1. with the fear one by one
We need to understand what prevents your person from being confident. Did you hesitate inability to eloquently express your thoughts? And if you think, is this a disadvantage? All people are really different both internally and externally, each have their own talents. It does not really important if you do not know exactly how to fight on the felling persuasive speech, perhaps, your calm and silence - these are signs of a deep creative nature. Indeed, at times, a long eloquent monologue can be very little sense.
If your need learn how to make small talk, get initiated conversation with strangers without being afraid to make any mistakes and to be misunderstood. After all, the only way you will fight your fears by meeting with them only face to face. Start with small steps, if the hard right to decide on the "coup" in the mind. Just smile and say "hello" from a nearby college chat room handsome :) Since you do not lose anything! Once having overcome this fear, it will never return
2. Find a mentor
If you doubt filled your mind and hinder not only judgment, but also to assess their strength, you could always seek for advice from a person you trust. Most often, we listen exactly to the opinion of an outsider. Seek help from someone who understands you, is not a sin. And if that man is also a wise and know you like no one else, that he can become the engine of your inner progress. He can look at you and your problem, and by the "show" you how strong you really are. The mentor could help you to solve your internal differences, and teach you how to trust yourself. Sometimes the right person is found by chance in our lives, presenting a valuable lesson. You could find the mentor even in general chat sites!
3. Do not wait for approvals
Most often shy insecure people are waiting sometimes for the approval by others. And in this kind of a case of their absence, they are upset and blamed himself that have done wrong. Sometimes even reach selfless altruism just to please others. Helping people is nice, but not at the expense of the victims and not only to their own detriment.
Thirst for approval often prevents you reveals yourself, be yourself, afraid to seem abnormal, such as you do not want to see. You should have your own opinion! Try to not be afraid to express it. After all, the man with your goal is about to be a mature person. Respected personalities. Be yourself, you are not sheep in gray herd other such sheep, you're a true man and you have targets and ambitions. You have no one take away! Do not allow to behave on a leash and dictate the rules. Your life - your rules.



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