Psychology of communication: to approach and convince. Part II.

Regardless of the situation, when you say calm, confident, confidence, intonation colored voice, gives you greater credibility to your words(learn more with our chat4 blog!). In order to positively adjust to his person from the beginning of the meeting, use the methods of attracting attention: the reference by name (if you do not know the name - friendly treatment); appeal to the interests of the interlocutor; receiving empathy, complicity, humorous, harmless (!)

Note to defuse the situation.

Thus, you set the initial agreement. The next step in effective communication is a unifying interest. To this end, emphasizes common interests’ interlocutors, their similarity in what else, a community of your views, experiences, plans, etc. The more you will find similarities - the easier it will be to convince the interlocutor in the future. ("We all understand the subtleties of the situation ...")  So far as possible, be aware of the information which he lives, what it represents, tactfully inquire about his problems and plan.

Try to see the picture of the world through his eyes.

When the perception of personality traits and characteristics of the character of another person in contact interaction takes place a curious psychological phenomenon "effect of the revision" through personal meaning. In this situation, the person perceives as a friend on a constant correlation of them with their qualities. Thus it is typically that the same actions are carried out in respect of its own. The effect of the revision, in turn, causes psychological resonance or tuned to the same emotional wave that accelerates and improves communication partners in communication.



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