Time Management: How to find the time for a loved one

In the modern world you need to have time to do a million things, all the time is just not enough. Sometimes it happens so Abraham, that is not enough free minutes is not something that for themselves, and even for a loved one. But consider, if you will not be business as usual to spend time with loved ones, your love can easily cool down. However, it is clear that in everyday life you are too loaded and work and household chores, and the weekend is almost all set aside for assistance to parents, meetings with friends, cooking, cleaning and washing.



How to understand the oratory

According to experts, as much as 80% of success in your relationships depends on well-set speech and ability to concisely and beautifully express thoughts. It is not for nothing known companies’ managers and successful politicians perfectly mastered this art of oratory. A business trainers who conduct seminars and workshops on skills possession of speech, say that anyone can learn it.

So check out next tips that can help you learn how to speak correctly:



How to say "no"

The word "no" is often a barrier to cross which is painfully difficult. Why the refusal for many becomes a difficult decision? Why is this, like, totally legitimate need, which has the full right, entails a sense of your own guilt, and sometimes remorse? Read more with our free chat rooms blog.

You can’t please everyone



How to pick up a boyfriend?

On Earth, in addition to women and men of other human species is not present. And as usual, that each of us should take care and find common interests, to adapt to each other. For some it is an impossible task, for others a game, and there are those for whom it becomes a goal to be achieved in spite of everything. During the entire course of life all men and women receive a great experience in the sphere of communication between them.



How to get rid of jealousy

Jealousy is one of the most serious feelings and all because of it affects both partners, and the one who is jealous, and the one who are jealous. If a person cannot cope with the jealousy, any relationship will sooner or later come close to an end. Deeply mistaken who say that jealousy is a manifestation of love. In fact it generate self-esteem and pride, which at the thought that your partner will be able to go for treason, brought man to a nervous breakdown. Moreover, jealousy is a prime example of a sense of ownership.



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