Reflection and Interaction in communication with the webcam chat.

Now, we gradually move on to the next component of effective communication: reflection. Reflection - is the awareness of the individual how he is perceived by the partner in communication (learn more with our chat4 blog).As a partner in dialogue reflection will represent you in your thoughts. The interaction of mutually is evaluated and modified traits and behaviors of both.


Reflection helps develop unconditional self-acceptance based on awareness and understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, making other valuable (respectful) attitude towards communication partner. Any communication always involves a certain result - a change of behavior and activities of others. Subject of the above main components of communication between the interlocutors is the interpersonal interaction, ie, this is a set of relations and interaction of people, which in turn lead to their joint activities. Interpersonal interaction is a sequence of time-stretched people's reactions to the actions of each other.


For example, your action that changes the behavior of your interlocutor is from the last response, which in turn will affect your behavior. It is therefore important to predict the interaction process and its result. If you understand the feelings of your partner in communication, it presents a picture of the world, as well as how it is you, you can assume in advance what your actions will affect him one way or another. In this case, your communication will result in enjoyable for both joint ventures. Otherwise - it may be a competition or conflict. But that is another story.




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