Why are there problems of communication on the Internet and in real life?

I want to talk! I want to communicate frequent replica and a desire on the Internet. Only here, there are problems of communication in the real world and on the Internet. It would seem that the range of possible communication on the Internet is limitless! Choose who you want, wherever you want, and talk, if only…

Just often, it's not this and not that immediately or later. That fool, he is too smart, he bore, the old, the married, she fixated, this selfish. Communication is not glued there are communication problems. OK. Go to the forum or a social network, such as Facebook, - there is a crowd of people already there, then there is a support group, find friends, companions. It happens and there are ... If you will not really stick out from the crowd, and, most importantly, the company will find its opposition or wedged in the company of regulars that are on every forum. And you will become such as they are. What do you think? Alone - not such as all - on this forum do nothing a priori. If it is, of course, is not looking for communication problems. Also, some of people preferring to use dating chat rooms to have some fun

Why am I having problems on your own? What is the reason? Why has trouble communicating?

In my opinion, because those habits that we have in real life, mindlessly drag the Internet. The secrecy, isolation, cunning, deceit ... Or vice versa: Guys, I'm honest, can you!? - What do you mean!? Now, we'll show you what you are decent (decent)!!!

Why are there problems of communication on the Internet and in real life?

As in the real world, in the virtual, people respond to honesty, openness, friendliness, honesty, kindness ... or look like them.

Communication problems, how to avoid them?

However, to respond to the frankness, openness, friendliness, honesty, friendliness - it does not mean that they like, they all appreciate it, on the contrary, can hang tag: rustic, close, provincial, and stuff like that. People are different. If you want to communicate with them - look for common! Although why should you do it again, if you already have? It is Boring. Look great on you! And why is it us - we do not need someone else's! Not interested. Look you're wondering, finally!!! I want to talk! Is it similarly? And maybe by that hides: I'm lonely, I do not understand, I want to consult, want to get married, I want to change my wife, looking for a friend, I want to share his experiences and thoughts, I wish to assert themselves, want to show off or something like that !?

That is, I do not have communication problems, and I want a relationship!?

These are the little big communication problems. The possibilities are limitless communication, and where the relationship that we and needed, and that we never have enough? This is what we need, rather than those on which we want to run away. What do you think, ladies and gentlemen? Why are there problems of communication on the Internet and in real life?

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