10 of the rules of virtual sex

What you need to succeed virtual sex?
Of course, internet has changed our lives in very short time. There is a plenty ways to spent time in the web, and of course, sexual pleasures are not exception   Virtual sex is the new thing for lot of people, and first experience could feel kinda strange for those who do it first time. To avoid the inconveniences and fails, we create this rule list that will, as we hope, help you with such unique kind of pleasure. 
The main rules
1. Never show your full real name or disclose it to his online dating chat sexual partners
2. Do not report any information about yourself, which you will probably recognize (address, description of the house in which you are living, the place of work and where you are study)
3. If you are using free singles chat, take care that the light was not bright, take away all the things that can tell more about you than it could be pictures, T-shirts with the logo of the university where you study or studied, etc.
4. If you have decide to meet someone with whom met on the Internet, tell it to one of her friends, asked her to at a certain time, she called you and made sure you were all right, and arrange a code phrase that when your response to her call would mean that you are in danger
5. While virtual sex you feel uncomfortable? Do you feel that partner has a pressure on you? Turn off the PC, and remember that you should not be anything to anyone.
6. Create the right atmosphere like to have virtual sex with a real partner: light the candles turn on romantic music, drink a glass of something that would help you fee much more relaxed. Well, you're the very best know how to set up...
7. Choose a partner by yourself; try not to let him choose. After choosing, do not forget about his tastes. He is do not like something? Seek another. If you use a video camera in chatsex, get dressed hotter, dim the lights and correlate actions with words - a partner because you hear.
8. Responding to partner after you are finished. Smile, for example.
9. Do not forget the reciprocity in a while you are enjoying yourself, and in those moments, he pays attention to you, in some periods - the roles are reversed. When he will describe the words, and after he is did to you, you could play with him.
10. And at last, as in real sex, tell him something nice and encouraging. For example: "It was great!" or "You were great!"



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