5 Secrets of ideal composition

Composition is one of the main components of a good photo. Ability to build it right comes with experience. We offer you five tips that will help to pump this ability.

One photo session - one lens

Camera lenses have a huge impact on the images, so the best way to find out what kind of effect adds a particular lens is shoot them in different situations, spending on it for some time. Of course, good to have on hand a few lenses and change them if it is necessary. But in this case, the formula would be a great shot too many of useless things and at first our job to reduce their number to a minimum. Of course, if you want to have good shots always instead of lucky situations. Try this live chatting cam chat with instant connection, stable online and friendly interface.

Forget about the color for some time

Seriously, this is one of the most common recommendations for building a good composition and it is not without reason. Color is another powerful component that dominates on any photo and complicates the perception of texture, line, and tone contrast. Take color and see everything will be much easier. Take, for example, the photo above. Notice how immediately catches the eye parts: a white rectangle, characters and diamonds tiles. Everything is much easier to see in black and white. Chat sites for college students are created only for fun and parties!

Look for repeating patterns and shapes

Do not miss the opportunity to use repeating elements to create an interesting composition. There are two strong strokes.

  • The first is the structure that is formed by rows of cards;
  • The second is line shelves crossing the frame diagonally.

Such repetition of forms can be found in almost any situation, so it makes sense to stop and think: you may want to change the perspective and to present the story from a different angle

Magic lines

Lines also have almost any photo; it comes form the basis of the composition and determine the direction of the viewer's gaze. Depending on the type of each of the lines have magical properties. The horizontal lines visually stretch the frame by adding a space, vertical would make it more expressive and powerful, while the diagonal bring dynamics. Remain curved lines, the effect of which varies the effect of relaxation (small curvature) to a voltage (more curved). The photo has to use a combination of converging diagonal lines that run to the horizon, emphasizing the depth of plot and infinity. With our adult webcam chat rooms you can see everything behind the dress ;)

The effect of negative space

You've probably heard that you can improve the picture, if you approach closer to your subject, and in most cases this is true. Negative space is working exactly the opposite: if you go away and surround the void object, you can create no less spectacular way.



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