Unpleasant interlocutor: how to talk.

Live with the people, so that your friends do not become enemies and enemies become friends. Pythagoras why people are angry, rude and insensitive boors? Second, try to understand how your behavior hurt his "sore spot"; possibly treat with sympathy and understanding (Learn more with our chat4 blog).

Sticking to the rules:

The best way to defeat the enemy - it is his love! Sometimes such attempts are unsuccessful, and, let's deal with this person comes into force professional obligations or related (eg, customer, boss, cops, by telephone, with mother-in-law, etc.).

There are several types of unpleasant companions, they are divided into several groups, and here they are:

  • "Nihilist" is often beyond the scope of the conversation. During the conversation behave impatiently, sometimes short-tempered and nervous. His attitude and approach confuses the interlocutor and unknowingly pushes him to ensure that he did not agree with his thesis and propositions.
  • "Smarty" - all have their opinion, it requires constant words and takes the initiative, which suppresses the interlocutor.
  • "Chatty '' are often tactless and for no apparent reason interrupts the course of the conversation. Do not pay attention to the time it spends on his attacks. Cool unapproachable interlocutor - feels out of time and space, as well as off-topic and situation specific conversation. Everything seems to him unworthy of his attention and effort. "Important Bird" - a spokesman throughout sees criticism. It feels and behaves like a person standing above the rest buddy.
  • "FAQ" - it seems that he is involved in a conversation, to write and ask questions no matter whether they have a real basis, or far-fetched.
  •  "Cautious" - it is more likely to keep silent, afraid to say something like that, that he opinion, may look silly or ridiculous. Uninterested interlocutor - conversation topic does not interest him at all. He would willingly have slept the entire conversation.



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