Cyberstalking: Information and protection

People do not underestimate such kind of online dangers like cyberstalking. The attacks on the Internet are real, for that electronic means are used. Achievements of modern technologies only promote this kind of activity as cyberstalking. Despite the possible measures to protect the social networks or free cam to cam sites, they cannot completely prevent such dangers.
Despite the obvious danger, many people underestimate the phenomenon. We can say we are often even provoke stalkers, placing on our accounts a lot of personal information which can help determine our location and other important aspects of security. In the world of social networks people can find almost any information about us.
What is the danger?
  • Stalker can make trouble sending threatening messages, from which you will experience stress and feel in danger.
  • A person can follow you. The worst thing is that the persecutor might be someone you know, but you cannot identify it under the guise of an anonymous on the Internet.
  • Don't think the prosecution limited online space. The offender can calculate your real address using the data of your IP-address. It's not that hard to do, even now you can download the mobile application with a similar function.
  • Most of these stalkers true psychopaths. This is real pleasure for such people to play with the victim and her feelings of fear. The longer you go on about such a person the more interesting it will be for him. This is real risk because no one knows how far he can go.
  • The fraudster can find almost all the information about person such as age, marital status, address and even bank account information.

Protect yourself

Fully protection from similar incidents in the online space is difficult. Stalker can meet you in social networks, chat rooms, random cam sites and forums. It is worth knowing that in the most danger are young girls and adolescents. This category often becomes a victim.
It is not necessary to give all in a row your personal information: Your real name, address and phone numbers, birthdays, etc.
Do not tell about your marital status and income of your family; do not mention any of your passwords.
For victims of cyberstalking can be really dangerous. According to research by American psychologists, stalkers regularly use Internet technology to track down and prosecute victims. About one of four people who are faced with similar things claims of persecution in the form of emails or messages with threats.
It is better to be too cautious than too imprudent.



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