Relations on the Internet and imagination

It is clear that imagination plays a significant role in any relationship, and fellowship, in the manifestation of these relations. Read more with our best chat rooms blog. BUT, it's also clear that the relationship on the Internet built almost entirely on imagination. Without imagination, here, we just cannot do: we imagine, and his companion, and myself, and my relationship with him. And where there is imagination - modeling reality in his mind, and then there is also an illusion, error, deception and self-deception - as is always the case in the absence and lack of information, and even more so - reliable information. When no information is replaced, use the imagination, based on their interests and ideas, waiting for adequate, relevant realities of relations is not necessary. And this is the relationships on the Internet.

Relations on the Internet: ambition and assertiveness

Why do people communicate, establish relations on the Internet -In order to assert them and virtually for nothing more.

People need to satisfy their ambitions or, literally, showing themselves through communication with others: how clever I am, what I'm good, how lucky I am, and so forth.

For example, people start to complain about his life-being. But as a rule, it ends a relationship that all advisors and sympathizers are sent to hell - self-affirmation happened - more these relationships are not necessary. You can also join our Singles chat If you have a free time and want to meet somebody.

Relations on the Internet: two stages - two relationships

ALL users - Internet users go through two stages of communication and, accordingly, and relationships on the Internet:

  1. The initial stage is characterized by the fact that the newly-Internet user, zaarkanenny any social network or forum in the circle of its members begins to actively grow into "friends". With these friends, at first, at least it begins to actively establish online communication - to establish relationships. It does not matter who the person on the back of the relationship: former classmates, fellow students, or complete strangers. It is important that the relationship and communication with them are built on the principles of dialogue and relationships lessons and set in the real world. But, sooner or later, all the same, or dramatic, it is, the user discovers that the relationship in the Internet is not something that the attitude of people in the real world.
  2. The second stage of the relationship and the constant on the Internet is characterized by the fact that the user: accept the new rules of relationship for him on the Internet, or disappointed in them, reduces their communication on the Internet to zero. By the way, who do you know in yourself? You are in what stage of relations on the Internet? Relations on the Internet already have or are in the majority of Internet users. So, let's understand, and we understand that they are such as not to create problems and sorrows to himself or others.



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