Friendship between man and woman - Is it possible?

There is a reverse side of friendly relations between women and men, this so-called friend who appeared recently. Male companion should be on the lookout, as the psychologists found that they love, that we plant in adulthood, rarely developed into a strong friendship. Such relationships are often spill over into something more. Therefore, if your friendship with the opposite sex is real, strong, do not mix it with romantic relationships. Read more with our best chat rooms blog.

The friendship between the opposite sexes has long been a byword. Many people, when they heard that someone from school or friends from his student years, quietly chuckling. In fact, such a friendship is quite right to exist, that would not say the skeptics. Psychologists around the world are studying the issue and come to a conclusion that has no value by itself without communicating friendship. It is based almost always lie years of dating, and so many common memories. And here it does not matter gender differences, the main thing in a strong friendship - common interests and spiritual closeness. According to the set of psychologists, dating, which was not long, cannot claim the title of friendship, it's just affection or friendly relations.

Friendship between the sexes is not only possible, it is needed

Women are sometimes useful to learn from the other men, the motives of the elect. He will give you useful advice on how to behave, what to say, and how to get the boyfriend. Besides this one can be very useful in everyday life, it will help you the same proverbial nail into the wall to drive. A male friend can serve as a kind of consolation to you when on the love front you complete calm. After all, he appreciates you, respects and is always there, ready to help, listen and give advice. Men also need warmth and comfort. And they do not always give their beloved. It often happens that a man many years friends with his classmate, finds support in these relationships and in relationships with girls receiving only sexual discharge. On the topic of friendship between the sexes conducted a lot of research. In one of them, the question that is most like in a friendship, and what is not, women in the majority responded negatively to sexual innuendo. The men replied that sexual attraction, other women, in their opinion, strengthens friendship. According to sociologists, the arguments about the impossibility of friendship, men and women have come to us from time immemorial. The Company was profitable to the only example of relations between the sexes, could only be marriage. Couples were married; they had babies, men doing chores, while women were farming. But in this age, everything changed. In the schools girls and boys are sitting at the same desk, in institutions, women work alongside men, hence the emerging friendship between them. For friendship does not matter the floor, it can arise between the former partners, the two gays, straights, or straights and gays. There is an exception only for those men and women who have pronounced libido.



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