How to say "no"

The word "no" is often a barrier to cross which is painfully difficult. Why the refusal for many becomes a difficult decision? Why is this, like, totally legitimate need, which has the full right, entails a sense of your own guilt, and sometimes remorse? Read more with our free chat rooms blog.

You can’t please everyone

Each insecure person has an instinctive desire to look the part of a kind and sympathetic, that is, as much as possible not to deviate from the rules accepted in the society. The fear of the word "no" to such people is always based on what they think about. Speak always "yes" only desire (even the most sincere) someone to please - it's a complete disrespect and loss of self-esteem. People may become so accustomed to the eternal "yes" that, once heard "no" may indeed perceive it as a changed attitude towards them, even rejection. Such a single "no" can lead to rupture. Therefore, all we need to know to teach to their right to "no." And just quietly accept the rejection of others. No one owes nothing owes. It is an axiom. A sense of unease is inappropriate here. No need to be embarrassed for not wanting to do something, especially if from the present attempt to take "on the weak". Such manipulation can distort the whole life and even kill. A little pressure on the person from the outside - and here he is in prison or a wheelchair, or the victim of a tragic accident, the fault of which the elementary conformism.

Ignoring is not denial

Sometimes, in order not to say "no", do people go from the answer or ignore the request, that is, pretend not to hear. It cannot be done. So "no" does not sound the proposed action, as the one who offers. Avoiding response causes moral damage, shows disrespect to the other party. By the way, this ability is a litmus test to determine a person's character in ignoring the capacity of the weak, but the wicked and vengeful people.  Telling "no", you should always be honest to explain why, even if you just do not want to do something. It is necessary to warn parents and that the purpose of education "cannot hear" children's requests and sometimes even announced a boycott of the little kids. For the child's mind is a whole disaster, and too cruel punishment. The child will be one conclusion: do not like him. Kids always prefer active displeasure with his actions dislike and neglect by parents. Self Help for the word "no" There are some rules, understanding and accepting that, it is possible to get rid of dependence on other people's opinions and to learn to speak a solid, reasoned "no."

Nobody is obliged to:

  • Be good for all;
  • Through the power of talking;
  • Be a slave to the previous statements;
  • To know everything in the whole deal.

Everyone has the right to:

  • Something they do not understand or do not know;
  • Ignore the logic;
  • Do something by force;
  • Love themself.



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