The most popular tasks about internet relationships

- Is it possible to make the Internet a serious relationship? Or can only flirt?

- Of course, it is possible, although people on dating sites can be a variety of goals, not necessarily matrimonial. (Read more in our chat4 blog!) On the Internet, a lot of interesting, respectable, wealthy and successful men. They simply have no time to run around and look for a girlfriend. Internet gives them a lot of opportunities for the selection of candidates. Even at a distance we can estimate the person's social status and level of intelligence.

Questionnaires are filled with women, a lot can tell.

If the message has grammatical errors and style in a bad way, the man will throw a successful social profile of such an illiterate person in a basket and put her address in the "black list". It is understandable that it dropouts of redneck that far-fetched to hook a rich husband. The same is true with regard to girls with an income of "below average" who are looking for a mate with income "above average."

- How to successfully meet and draw attention to themselves? What's the secret?

- It all depends on how you present yourself. First of all it is necessary to properly fill out a form with the mind. You look like a lot of online templates to blow off a blueprint questionnaire. "I'm kind, gentle, seeking a man dreams." All this nonsense is not interesting men. The main thing is to show their individuality, something to catch the applicant. In no case do not mark in the "Looking for" item "friendship." It is necessary to choose the "sex" and "long-term relationship."

- Should I post my photos?

- Always. Otherwise, the man thinks: "Probably she is too looks terrible to photo to show his fear."

- And if she really feels not very pretty?

- I can write: "Yes, I'm not beautiful, but I have a lot of advantages. I can then something or behold something." Let her find a dash, which would distinguish it from the other girls.



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