Time Management: How to find the time for a loved one

In the modern world you need to have time to do a million things, all the time is just not enough. Sometimes it happens so Abraham, that is not enough free minutes is not something that for themselves, and even for a loved one. But consider, if you will not be business as usual to spend time with loved ones, your love can easily cool down. However, it is clear that in everyday life you are too loaded and work and household chores, and the weekend is almost all set aside for assistance to parents, meetings with friends, cooking, cleaning and washing. If you do not have time, then most likely, you just need to spend time management, then there is time for yourself, and to arrange romantic moments with your boyfriend. Check out new announcements on our free webcam chat rooms.


In fact, any business can be handled much faster if you do not get distracted. Usually, however, the person can get involved in the little things and wasting time. To this did not happen, you need to set a time frame. But if you cannot be distracted, just not able to deal with one and the same, for example two hours in a row, you should break the deal, if it is possible to sub-operations that you will perform every day. For example, the apartment is clean, if you pay a daily cleaning at least 15 minutes. During this time, it is actually put into the toilet or washes the floors in the rooms, or vacuum. The next day, remove any dust or get out each day in different rooms.

Minimizing effort

Look for options that can facilitate your work. For example, you have multiple mailboxes. As you read each letter, we have to constantly check them, to go a few times, not to miss, for example, an important letter. In this case, you can use the service, which will collect the letters from different posts and stored in one place, and you will be reading them. Also, any person, especially a woman, you need to keep in touch with friends and family. Although you know that talking to them on the phone you are time-consuming, but it is necessary not to lose the connection, especially if you live far away from each other. In this case, do not sit with the phone in his chair, looking at the room, and get busy. You can talk, discuss news and wipe the same dust, or download items into the washing machine, and if you talk on Skype, and it is quite possible to cook.

Build some plans

You must have a plan for the next day, in which you think over a list of things you need to accomplish. For example, do not wander around the store, looking at things and reading labels, and goes for something specific. Buy everything on the list. So, you govern in fifteen minutes instead of half an hour.


The time management "frogs" called unpleasant things that you always put off for later. But over time, they just accumulate and poison your life. Therefore, make it a rule to perform one unpleasant thing in the day, and then can be done by two or three.



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